So much of the work of building a house relies on compressed air. But sometimes moving a compressor around is like dragging a big anchor. The Power Tank® is much lighter than a compressor but just as powerful. Because of its easier mobility you can move faster from room to room and house to house getting more work done in a day with less effort. What’s the need? Power and Speed.

I was just forwarded a document that is published on a product website which praises the attributes of HPA (High Pressure Air) and bashes the use of CO2 as an energy source for air tools.

Every claim in this document is false or misleading. Some even gave me a chuckle. It is nothing more than a desperate attempt to use fear to gain market share from a viable and effective energy source (CO2) that threatens their future. // Read On

JLC Magazine reviews Power Tank Construction Series
JLC (Journal of Light Construction) is a totally unbiased publication as it does not accept free product in exchange for product reviews. The author of this article admits he has been using Power Tanks in his work for several years due to its long lasting volume, quiet operation, reliability, and cordless mobility. // Review Here