Powertank Sidearm Package A

One of the top features of the Power Tank Mini Series Systems is the option to self-refill the bottles using our easy-to-use refill equipment. With our Refill Kit you’ll always have the air to complete the job. Just strap a 10lb. to 35lb. CO2 “mother” tank into the bottle stand, connect the Power Filler 1 to the mother bottle valve, screw in an empty and chilled mini bottle into the Power Filler 1 and fill. Then use your digital scale to make sure your bottle is not overfilled. The whole process of re-filling a 20 oz. bottle takes less than 3 minutes. If you’re serious about speed then you have to have a Sidearm System. If you’re serious about efficiency you need a Refill Kit to go with it.

Refill Kit

#ITT-2020 - 20lb. Refill Kit Buy Power Tank Products Here
#ITT-2000 - Refill Kit w/ Super Scale, Cap Buy Power Tank Products Here
#ITT-1000 - Stand Only
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Powertank Sidearm
Powertank Sidearm