Powertank CO2 with Spray Gun
Powertank CO2 with Spray Gun
Powertank CO2 with Spray Gun

In construction, compressed air is crucial for so many things. Driving nails and staples, airing up flats, cleaning out concrete dust from holes, line testing, etc. And usually you need air pressure that is steady, powerful, and long lasting and this is why we use CO2. Because of CO2’s natural pressure regenerative process it makes it easy to provide constant pressure to a nail gun through our special SuperFlow regulators made just for CO2. You also get the power you need to run pin nailers to framer nail guns or even an impact wrench with no pressure-up wait. The power is always there when you need it. And because CO2 is stored a “liquid” dense state in the tank it holds much more volume of air than any other gases. Compared to a tank of nitrogen, CO2 lasts three times longer. And CO2 is a very clean, inert and dry gas. In fact, we have customers that use their Power Tanks to spray lacquers and enamels through paint guns without the need of an air drier. Is it safe for car, truck, and tractor tires? Yes. CO2 reacts the same to heat and pressure as nitrogen. CO2 is inexpensive, easy to buy, and is at a safer pressure than other typical compressed gases such as HPA, nitrogen, and scuba. You can get your larger tanks refilled at fire extinguisher shops, welding gas suppliers, or beverage distributors. For the mini system tanks you can get these filled at paint ball stores, many Power Tank dealers or you can fill them yourself with our own CO2 Refilling Equipment.



CO2 is called a “liquid” gas. Won’t CO2 then put moisture into my guns and air tools?

CO2 “liquid” refers to its dense state while in the tank under pressure. However, once in low atmospheric pressure, CO2 only exists in solid (dry ice) or vapor (gas) state. Therefore, there is no moisture in CO2 vapor. CO2 vapor from a Power Tank is clean and dry.

Won’t your CO2 system freeze my nail gun?
Although expanding CO2 gas gets cold at the regulator and can frost the equipment in this general area, the low flow rate of a nail gun and light mass weight of the CO2 vapor will likely not be able to freeze your nail gun.

My old CO2 tank used to get cold and stop working. What keeps your system from doing the same?

The main reason a CO2 air system stops working is because the regulator has been pushed beyond its capability and then “freeze clogs”. Although common in other gas regulators, there are no diaphragms, clog-able seat assemblies, or corroding steel parts in our Power Tank regulators. Our patented SuperFlow and Sidearm Regulators are designed for high flow rates and heavy use and we’re so confident in our regulators we give them a limited lifetime warranty.

I heard CO2 will destroy my nail gun o-rings and seals. Will it?
No. CO2 is a harmless gas that is in the air we breathe and in the carbonated beverages we drink. Almost all CO2 sold today is food-grade. CO2 has no corrosive effect on o-rings or seals.

Why would I want Power Tank CO2 system if I already own a nice compressor?
If your work includes heavy framing or other jobs that require large amounts of compressed air for long periods of time you will need that compressor. However, if you do finishing work where a large compressor can be cumbersome and where a portable Power Tank CO2 system can save you energy, give you more freedom of movement, and increase your work efficiency this is where a Power Tank will pay for itself.

Other factors to consider:
Are electrical outlets easily accessible?
“Many of my jobs are outside or away from outlets. With my Power Tank I don’t worry about cords and outlets. I just go to work.”
Would not having the noise of a compressor be an advantage?
“I can work inside a business now during work hours and not disturb my clients with my loud compressor constantly kicking on. And I like the quiet too.”
Is the job big enough to warrant the task of loading and unloading a heavy compressor?
“My compressor weighs 70 lbs. On a quick pick up job or window install I’ll just grab my (Power Tank) Sidearm bag.”

Can I refill my own bottles?

Yes. We sell two levels of DIY CO2 refilling kits from basic you-use-your-own-tank (#ITT-2000) to complete has-everything-except-the-CO2 kits (ITT-2020) that will allow you to refill our 20 oz. and 2.5 lb. tanks in your garage or on your tailgate.